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Spare Car Keys
109 3rd Street
Bridgeport, OH 43912


Customer Service
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET

For Sales Outside U.S.:
Call us: 1-866-350-4199

Frequently Asked Questions-2

Why can’t I place my order on-line if I live outside of the U.S.?
Since we can only obtain the factory key codes for Lexus vehicles in the United States, we have disabled international ordering. If you live in Canada and have the factory key code, you can place your order by telephone at 866-350-4199. We cannot provide keys for Lexus vehicles in any other countries.
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Why can’t I have my order shipped to a different address other than my billing address?
Due to the increase in credit card fraud, all orders must ship to the cards billing address.
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Do you make keys for vehicles other than Lexus?
Not at this time.
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What is a Master key?
The master key can unlock your doors, trunk, & glove box. It will also start your car. The master key also has the ability to open the programming mode so that additional keys can be programmed into your car.
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The black shell cracked but the key is ok. I just need the shell.
The metal blade is molded into the plastic shell. Therefore you must buy a complete replacement shell.
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Why is it more expensive to cut the key by VIN?
We have to purchase the factory key code in order to cut the key.
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Is the key code on the key or in the owner’s manual if I don’t have the metal tag or black card?
No, those are the only places that the keys code is located.
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Where do I find my Lexus Factory Key Code?
NOTICE: The numbers on the back of the key are NOT the Factory key Code. The factory key code can be found on the metal tag that was attached to the original keys.
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I lost all of my keys but I have the key code. Why can’t you make new keys from my key code?
New keys must be programmed into the car. You must have a working Master key to program new keys to your car. The only option is to have your ECM reflashed if you have lost all of your keys.
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Where can I find the Reflash Order Form?
The Reflash Order Form link can be found in the footer of any page.
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Why do I have to send proof of ownership?
To prove you are the current owner of the car. This is a Lexus requirement.
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What type of documents can be used as proof of ownership if I am ordering my key cut from the vehicle Identification number (VIN)?
Current Registration, Title, or Bill of Sale (must be less than 30 days old). A copy of your current driver’s license and the vehicle license plate number is required on all orders being cut by the VIN.
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Why do you have to send my product by priority mail?
All packages are insured and so that your package can be tracked.
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Do you guarantee your keys?
Yes. Remote modules and transponder keys carry a 6 month warranty and replacement shells carry a one year warranty. The warranty does not cover the loss of the electronics module. If there is a problem with the product you received from us, please call 866-350-4199 or email
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What is Key Cloning?
Key Cloning is a technology that allows us to copy the electronic signal from an original transponder key that is programmed into your automobile and transfer that information onto a duplicated key. This “CLONED” key will operate your vehicle just as the original did.

This technology allows us to provide you with a second or third key without having to reprogram the vehicle.

Not all keys to all vehicles can be CLONED. Check to see if your vehicle is listed in the table below. If your vehicle is listed, we can clone your key.

You must provide us with an original working key in order to utilize this service.
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